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Dear All, I'm afraid to report that I broke my shoulder rather badly in August and so will be out of operation on the writing front for some time - keyboards are pretty much impossible at the moment. So the news reports will be rather sparse, probably until after Christmas, when I hope to approaching normal service again!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and have a good few months!

All best, Lyn.

LIVERPOOL SISTERS - my latest novel

Heart and Home by Lyn Andrews - bookcover

My new saga, LIVERPOOL SISTERS, is now available in paperback, hardback and ebook.

You can order it here from Amazon.

HEART AND HOME - now available in paperback

Heart and Home by Lyn Andrews - bookcover

HEART AND HOME is now available in paperback. You can order it from Amazon here.
The hardback and ebook editions are also available and can be ordered from Amazon by clicking this link. You can read more about HEART AND HOME on the main Books page.

An unmissable new saga from 'the Catherine Cookson of Liverpool' (Northern Echo)

Four of my earliest novels are now available in eBook

eBook covers

I wanted to pass on the exciting news that four of my earliest novels are now available in eBook under the name I used for my writing at that time, Lynda M. Andrews. They are historical novels, set in the Tudor and Stuart eras, entitled ELIZABETH, THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER, THE TUDOR HERITAGE, THE WHITE LION OF NORFOLK and THE DANISH QUEEN, and the eBook publisher Canelo have now discovered and re-issued them. I have always been enthralled by that era and it’s wonderful to see the novels out again after all these years. I hope any of you who enjoy reading about that period and the terrible, flamboyant characters it produced will like them. I'll publish more information about them here soon.

Other News

I am currently hard at work finishing my latest Liverpool saga for Headline, which is to be titled THE LIVERPOOL MATCHGIRL and published in hardback and eBook on 30 November. It’s the story of a young woman who, through no fault of her own has a terrible start to her life in the Liverpool slums in the 1900s, but whose involvement with a match factory manager and his family transforms her prospects, but also brings unexpected conflicts and pain.

My most recent paperback, HEART AND HOME, is still selling well and I’ve had some lovely feedback about it on my Facebook page – thank you again for all your support and enthusiasm. And my latest novel, LIVERPOOL SISTERS, will be out in paperback in July.

As I look back on the early historical novels now being republished after so long, I realise I have been writing now for forty years. Knowing my books have been enjoyed by so many of you for such a long time has been hugely gratifying and rewarding. I can only say thank you and hope very much you continue to get pleasure from them

Liverpool Angels - available in paperback, audiobook and ebook

Liverpool Angels book coverLIVERPOOL ANGELS follows the lives and loves of Mae and Alice, their family and friends as they grow up in the Everton area of Liverpool.

The boys enlist in the Army and the girls become nurses in the Voluntary Aid Detachment when the Great War breaks out, a war that will change all their lives and the world and society they lived in.

It's available in hardback, paperback, ebook and unabridged audiobook.

You can read more about LIVERPOOL ANGELS and how I worked on the plot in the Summer 2014 Newsletter which can be downloaded here.

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It's always nice to see people when I tour. I receive such a warm welcome - thanks to everyone for making this possible!

Forum Books

Forum Books, Corbridge

Forum Books

The Vicar's Pele, Corbridge

Lyn Andrews event at Linghams Heswell

The Vicar's Pele, Corbridge

Lyn Andrews event at Linghams Heswell

Linghams, Heswell

Lyn Andrews event at Linghams Heswell

Linghams, Heswell

Waterstones Morpeth

Waterstones, Morpeth

Waterstones Morpeth

WHSmith, Morpeth

Lyn Andrews event at Linghams Heswell

Cogito Books, Hexham

An Interview about Me and My Writing

I recently did an interview to coincide with the launching of this site and thought you might like to see it reproduced here. If you would like to ask more questions then please visit me on my Facebook page.

Why, after 32 successful sagas, did you decide to write a historical novel?

I have always loved history and reading historical novels and have been fascinated, as many have, with Anne Boleyn. Her story is so well known and has been told by so many authors but no one, as far as I 'm aware, has ever written in depth about her love affair with Henry Percy and its aftermath and this intrigued me. I started to research Henry's life and found that from his point of view there was more to this brief love affair than had hitherto been told. THE QUEEN'S PROMISE is more the story of Henry's life than Anne's, although the two are irrevocably intertwined. As the cover says: 'She was the most infamous woman of the age – He was the man who would love her for all of her life.'

Will you continue to write sagas?

Yes of course. My new one, SUNLIGHT ON THE MERSEY, is out now in e-book and will be published In paperback in Autumn 2013, and I'm currently about half way through my next one, set in First World War Liverpool. And I'm researching my new historical, about Anne of Denmark, James I's wife, too!

Have you always been a writer?

No, I was a secretary until I had my children and when they were growing up I worked for a time as a part time Sales Assistant in Marks and Spencer.

When did you start writing?

I wrote my first novel in 1976 after the children went to school. I had always been a great reader, especially of historical novels but had no ambitions to be a writer, It never crossed my mind I could write anything anyone might want to buy. I just happened to read three novels in succession which I thought were badly written and historically inaccurate and I thought (with what I have to say now was great arrogance) 'I can do better than that'. I was astounded when my novel was accepted and published and an 'option on the second' was requested. I'm so very, very fortunate that everything I have written has been published – I've never had a rejection.

How did you cope with a young family and a writing career?

With some difficulty! I worked when the triplets were at school and the chores finished – on the kitchen table on an ancient typewriter, but having been a secretary I was able to think directly onto the typewriter which helped a great deal. Of course during school holidays I could only work of an evening and as the children got older and it became clear that they were all dyslexic they needed far more of my time and attention, particularly with school work , and so I actually gave up writing for about five years to devote more time to them.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Everywhere. The line of a song or poem, a saying, conversations I've heard snatches of, things people have told me, and then I start to think 'What if?'

Do you write every day?

I write six days a week once I have started a book. I usually start at about 10am and work until 4.30pm. I have Saturday off (to do the housework!!). I used to work in the evenings too but found I couldn't sleep as everything was still going on in my head! My husband Bob took over the cooking when he retired, which is great because I was never the greatest cook - if it wasn't tinned, instant or frozen we didn't have it - and he's a fantastic cook! He also does the ironing, (which I hate) which he does watching TV and swears he enjoys – the ironing that is! When the manuscript is finished and has been delivered we usually have two holidays, one in early summer, which is a family holiday – all 12 of us go abroad somewhere sunny. Then Bob and I go away on our own, later in the summer.

Has being a writer changed your life?

In many ways it has. I have been afforded opportunities that I doubt would have come my way otherwise. I have sailed half a dozen times as a Guest Lecturer on QE2, I have been given the chance to travel to promote my books, I have met many famous authors, have been asked to speak at Literary Lunches and Dinners, and of course I have met so many wonderful people at book signings, Library Visits and Charity events. My special charities are The Royal British Legion (Help for Heroes), the R.N.L.I. and the Manx Blind Society. And of course I have made many friends in the world of writing and publishing.

Have any of your children followed in your footsteps?

No, but I never imagined that they would and as yet my grandchildren are too young, but you never know. I was in my thirties before I began to write.