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I'm delighted to say that my new novel GOODBYE, MERSEY VIEW is now out in hardback, paperback, ebook and audio. It’s available in ebook here.

GOODBYE, MERSEY VIEW continues the story of two friends and their families in the run up to World War II, a story I started in THE GIRLS FROM MERSEY VIEW which I know many of you enjoyed. This new book takes us into the tough days of the war – there’s a bit more about in on my news page, plus a little about what I’ve been up to.

For those of you who are interested in history that reaches a little further back, you may like to know that the ebook publisher Canelo have reissued four historical novels I wrote before I moved into more modern times, under the name Lynda M. Andrews, set in the Tudor and Stuart eras, entitled ELIZABETH, THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER, THE TUDOR HERITAGE, THE WHITE LION OF NORFOLK and THE DANISH QUEEN. History of very many eras has always set my imagination running – I do hope that through my books you can get as caught up in it as I have.

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My historical novels are now available as ebooks

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My early historical novels, ELIZABETH, THE WITCH’S DAUGHTER, THE TUDOR HERITAGE, THE WHITE LION OF NORFOLK and THE DANISH QUEEN are now published by Canelo as ebooks. I have always been enthralled by that era and it’s wonderful to see the novels out again after all these years. I hope any of you who enjoy reading about that period and the terrible, flamboyant characters it produced will like them. You can read more about them here.

A MOMENT IN TIME - a free short story available on Kindle

I've written a short story, A MOMENT IN TIME, which ties in with FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE.
Ellen Holt has grown up in the heart of Liverpool's slums. Each day brings worry and struggle for her mam and da and Ellen works hard as a factory girl to help her family. Together, they get by. She has never imagined any other existence until one night she joins a gathering of suffragettes. Suddenly anything seems possible. But she's soon to discover how much courage it takes to fight for better. And, just when all seems lost, Eddie Shaw walks into her world...

It is available for free on Kindle. You can order it from Amazon here.

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Liverpool Angels by Lyn Andrews
Liverpool Angels by Lyn Andrews

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